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Written Submissions

If you have a story or thought about Frank that you would like to submit to the site please e-mail it to: letters@frankbeebe.org

Here are the thoughts of Frank's friends and admirers...

Frank Beebe was a lifelong friend, mentor and teacher.  He was a source of great knowledge and enthusiasm to all that knew him.  He was an early captive breeder, a co-founder of NAFA and co-author of North American Falcons and Hunting Hawks.  Frank was always thinking of the best way to get the most out of  falconry.  He was never satisfied with the way things were but fought for what they could be.  He was an honest man, a good friend and confidant who never lessened his interests despite very caustic and demonic treatment by others who strived to achieve half his greatness.

- Hal Webster

Frank was always an innovator when it came to falconry equipment and falconry techniques. He had a significant impact on American falconry for decades.

- Dan Cecchini, Jr.

Frank Beebe’s contributions to falconry literature established todays practitioners in US Falconry and still continues to inspire future falconers.

- John R. Swift

The first time I saw Frank in person was at a CHC Meet at either Yuba City or Los Banos. This would have occurred in the early 90s.  He was invited to speak on his essay "The Hoax of the Century". He delivered his presentation and all of it's predictable controversy. I was moved by his passion and his resolve to convey an idea, even in the midst of great disagreement.

Later, in the parking lot at the CHC meet, I was in the process of gapping plugs and setting point gaps of my 1972 Ford Pinto Wagon.  I heard a voice over my shoulder as I worked, "Can I give you a hand with that?" It was Frank and he obviously saw a vacuum of need and proceeded to fill it. We spent the next 45 minutes or so talking about timing engines.  He was a good deal more gentle, than he was when he talked about 'The Hoax" an hour earlier.

But it was a short-lived engagement. From our location about 50 yards from the weathering area, we heard a rising commotion. Everyone was pointing and looking upward at a Red-Tailed Hawk that was stroking higher and higher. It had jesses, swivel, and a 4 foot leash attached as it began to feel the invite of an irresistible thermal. I looked to Frank but he was gone. I swear I heard the sound of a 'Whoosh', like the over head passing of a wild Merlin as it continues on down the ally you're walking. But it was only Frank departing in a hurried manner. I didn't even know where he was going. But he reappeared with a lure stooping pole and one of his flapping lures. He swung it vigorously and tried to get the attention of the soaring Red-Tail.

He was right out in front of everyone trying in vain to get this bird back, a bird probably destined to die. I cant be certain, but I imagined the audience to snicker at Frank as they had done during his speech. Frank didn't care or even notice; he continued to work the lure. The Red-Tail never responded, as it disappeared into the huge sky.

That was the last time I saw Frank, wildly swinging a lure to do the right thing; to do anything; something that might work, in the midst of people that could only detract, that could do nothing but ridicule.

For the last day or so, this has all come back to me. Frank's death has impacted me in ways I can't describe. I was lucky to have met him in a very brief meeting. I am left with this one thought. What if I had never met Frank? It wouldn't have mattered, for he and Hal's book was the first book I had purchased. It was as Al Ingram muses.....The Bible. It's passages lit me on fire, and consoled me in my confusing adolescence. Even if I had never met the man, his impact on me would have been profound

I write this to encourage others to share not so much their loss, but their incredible gain in having known or read Frank L. Beebe.

- Ron Kearney

Frank was a husband, father, naturalist, an artist, author, inventor, teacher, mentor, an outstanding falconer, a friend and now a legend in North American Falconry.  Frank, will be missed but will not fade away.  He now belongs to history.

- Mike Dupuy

Frank had a huge and authentic influence, especially on many falconers in the Pacific Northwest hawking community.  He was a pioneer of modern falconry in that he blazed philosophic trails for independent thinking on many levels.  Without reservation I declare Frank Beebe to be a genuine pioneer and clear POSITIVE influence on falconry in the modern world. He made us all think, not just follow the herd. There should be no equivocating on this point.

- Jim Nelson

Frank Beebe was a man that lived and loved his life to the fullest. His passion for Falconry is recorded in history. His contributions were given whenever they were needed. His opinions and beliefs were strong and never wavered, meaning you always knew were he stood because he told you whenever the chance arose.  We should all be as strong and true to our souls as Frank Beebe was. He has now been unleashed and flies free with Falcons he loved so much.

- Ron Brown

More than anyone else, Frank Beebe is responsible for the scientific orientation of falconers on this continent.  There isn’t one falconer who doesn’t know the Latin genus and species name of their bird.  More important is the cadre of falconer/scientists and falconer/educators spawned by the Beebe and Webster book that have led the continent in avian research and population conservation.  This is the legacy of Frank Lyman Beebe.

- Ken Mesch

While at a Waverly, IA meet Ron Krupa and I had the honor of taking Frank Beebe and Heinz Meng out goshawking.  In preparing my bird to fly, I attached the telemetry in Frank’s presence.  I don’t even remember what the mechanism was exactly, all I remember is Frank looking at it and saying “What a great idea!  Thanks for teaching it to me.”  This is just one of many aspects of Frank that extremely impressed me.

- Rob Sulski

No matter what Frank’s “detractors” say, he was a giant among men, not to mention falconers.  Not only was he honest, but also non-judgemental.  I never heard Frank speak ill of anyone.  He had an uncanny ability to put things in the most positive perspective;  most of us do not have this ability.  Frank welcomed debate.  In today’s world, when people disagree, often this turns into anger and hatred.  Frank Beebe did not go there.  Often, when one of ours passes, we find this a sad thing.  I will choose to celebrate Frank’s life and contributions, and be thankful that many of us are better for this.

- Clifford Kellogg

Written Submissions
If you have a story or thought about Frank that you would like to submit to the site please e-mail it to: letters@frankbeebe.org